Tips To Keep hands Always Young

Think about the numerous tasks your hands perform all through the day and now ask yourself if they are taken care of as much as the face, if not more. The instant answer is obviously ‘NO’. A wide variety of skin care products to enhance the facial glow will find place in your kit but one single hand cream or even none is assumed to be enough for the hardest working organ of the body.

Our hands have a thin layer of skin which renews itself every time needed but natural collagen present in skin starts to diminish by the time we are 30 so this miracle of having youthful skin fades away leaving us with the hands full of wrinkles and age spots. These are the result of our neglecting behaviour towards them but there is still time to correct that skin care mistake. It’s high time to take your hands seriously since they are the one’s which keep you going till end. Read on to find some simple techniques to take care of your hands.

  • Sunscreen

The ultra violet rays of sun do a lot of harm to our entire body but while the sunscreen is generously applied to the face our hands seem to be neglected. They are not even covered by any piece of cloth. There are numerous ways in which sun’s rays affect our body. These burn our skin and accelerate the ageing process. Wrinkles, age spots, fine lines etc are all the result of premature ageing which happens due to UVA and UVB rays. The impact is not just on the outer layer but dermis, which is innermost part of the skin, is also deeply affected. Skin cancer and suppression of immune system are some major diseases which one could face due to over exposure to sunlight.

Natural oils are stripped which leads to dry skin. Swelling and inflammation can also occur due to moisture loss.

Dermatologists recommend using a sunscreen about 15 minutes before stepping out of home. It protects from the harmful rays and delays the process of ageing. A sunscreen with a minimum SPF 30 is recommended to shield the scorching sun. There are various varieties available in the market. Choose the one which is best suited to your skin type and remember to apply on your hands before venturing in sun. Reapply the cream after every 4 hours to maintain the protective barrier.

  • Exfoliate

Dead skin accumulates and over the period of time a hard and flaky mass is created on hands, it also clogs the pores causing acne. It is an essential skin care process to scrub away the dead skin. The young skin beneath is revealed when the dead is exfoliated.  As the ageing process begins the rate of dead skin being shed diminishes, so the need to exfoliate arises here. Now that scrubbing seems a good means to achieve young skin, it is recommended to do it only three to four times a week for normal skin and once a week for sensitive skin. Over scrubbing will lead to problems like inflammation and irritation which will simultaneously speed up the ageing process and that is definitely not wanted. Invest in a gentle scrub or use some homemade ones to clean the dead skin. Scrubbing skin with grainy sugar and an oil o your choice is a great idea. Exfoliate your hands till the sugar dissolves and see the new young and moisturized skin push out its way.

  • Moisturize

Moisturizing is the key to almost all of the skin troubles faced by us but it takes some time to realize its importance. At the tender age women are more worried about their skin colour, so most of the skin care regime includes stuff to lighten the natural complexion. The rigorous routines whitening products strip away our natural oils and leave behind dull and damaged skin. It’s important to embrace the colour and work to take care of skin. Moisturizing should be done from a very small age. Cleanse your hands and apply some moisturizer to it at least twice a day. Dryness can accelerate the ageing process and cause wrinkles along with fine lines. It is essential to hydrate the skin by generously applying a good hand cream. Do some research and find out the cream best suited to your skin type and all keep in mind the climatic conditions of your location. Winters tend to make hand dry and dull so opt for a long lasting cream with thick consistency.

  • Protect

Hands go through a lot during the lifetime and that is why the signs of ageing start to appear first on the hands. Dryness leads to tiny blisters where bacteria can breed and worsen the situation making it swollen and inflamed. The need to protect your hands while working with water and soap is necessary. Stock your closet with rubber gloves which are easily available at the nearest drugstore and use them while washing, gardening, cleaning and dusting. Also invest in some woolen gloves to wear while venturing out in the winters. The spine chilling wing of the winter season can strip off the natural oils of skin so apply a hand cream and wear gloves to save your hands. Sunshine too is a culprit of making hands damaged so buy some cotton gloves for the summers and use all these extensively to protect your hands

  • Pamper

Show some love to your hands by performing regular manicures. The deep cleaning and massages performed during this process can help relieve stress from our hands. If you are getting regular manicures done from a salon, invest in a personal kit for yourself. Sterilize the kit and be assured since you are the only one using it.

Hand massages can also be performed by yourself since these are easy and relieve a lot of tension from your fingers. Care for your nails and cuticles by regular trimming and cleaning.

Imagine about all those beautiful rings, bracelets and bangles you already own or wish to buy. They are going to look charming only if your skin is youthful. Follow these simple regimes and be ready to be best owed with the ever fresh and full of life hands.

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