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Our hands are the driving force of nature which works hard to let us lead a better life. From the very first day of birth our hands start exploring but there is an age where things turn ugly causing some minor ailments like sore hands, painful tendons, inflammation, swelling, tenderness etc. These are all the results of not caring for your hands properly. Digitalization has taken a toll on our bodies. Continuous working on the computer can not only strain your eyes but also hands. It is advised to blink your eyes and perform this simple hand massage.

Its high time we start thinking of pampering our hands rather than try to polish the skin on the face. It’s a known fact that massages are soothing and necessary. An occasion chirapsia does wonders to your entire body but hiring a masseuse can burn a hole in the pocket. So, why not learn how to soothe your hands all by yourself.

Why is massage necessary?

Therapeutic massages are known for their relaxing powers. An occasional massage is a tool to relieve stress and combat joint pains. It is actually an extremely healthy practice. As we all are aware of the fact that our hands have pressure points to all the organs in our body. Understanding the points and giving proper attention to them during the massage session can be highly beneficial to our entire body.

Self hand massage is a wonderful idea to pamper our hands without spending a penny. It is a combination of massage and reflexology which is believed to improve blood circulation, combat stress and get rid of the pain.

Benefits of Self Hand Massage

There are numerous benefits of a hand massage. Some of which are listed below:-

  • Reduces inflammation.
  • Increased blood circulation and mobility.
  • Reduce stress, anxiety and pain.
  • Stimulates the lymphatic system.
  • Improves finger and wrist motions.
  • Cure cold hands.
  • Treat hand calluses.
  • Generates optimism towards life… the ‘feel good’ factor increases.

You don’t have to spend a fortune getting appointments at a spa for a hand massage. It can be performed at the comfort of your abode without zero expense. All you need is to understand and learn the self hand massage techniques. By the end of this blog, you are going to be a pro at self hand massaging.

Here is how to give a relaxing massage to your hands:-

First of all prepare your hands for the massage.

  • Remove all the jewellery worn on your hands. The reason being adorning a piece of finger ring or bangle may prove to be a hindrance in the process of massaging. Not only that, it may also cause injuries during the rubbing session.
  • Trim your nails or even they might hurt you.
  • After removing all your hand jewellery properly clean your hands and towel dry.
  • Now is the time to moisturize your hands. Take care not to over do anything. Hands should not be sticky or slippery or the massage could not be done properly. Any oil or moisturizer can be use for this purpose.
  • Shake your hands vigorously so that the muscles loosen up to absorb all the benefits of this calming therapy.

Now you are done with the preparation and it is time to show some love to the most hard working organ of your body i.e. hands.

Here is a Step by step guide to self hand massage is here in different motions:-

Circular Strokes

  • Start with tiny circular strokes all over your palm. Perform this with your thumb so that you don’t tire the fingers. Exert pressure on every point to feel stress relieving. Do not forget your fingers.
  • Steadily increase the area of movement and cover larger parts. Spend more time near the bones and joints. Area between two fingers should also be massaged properly. Use the forefinger and thumb to knead in between the fingers.


  • Pinch the tip of your fingers with the thumb and fore finger. This helps loosen the ligaments and give relief to the sore finger tips. This process should not be painful but firm enough to feel the pressure. Repeat it on both hands.

Wrist massage

  • Hold the wrist of one hand and rotate it in clockwise and anti clockwise direction. This relieves tension from muscles.
  • Firmly press the wrist during this entire process for quick results.

Hand Massage

  • Clasp onto the hand muscles and press gently. Repeat the process for entire hand.

It’s a one or two-step process extremely simple and comes handy at times when your hands are sore, need some rest but can’t due to work commitments. No professional training is needed to do this massage and it doesn’t take too long also. These simple massages can be done anywhere, while travelling in a bus or train.  You can definitely spare some time to gently stroke, rub your hands and relieve tension out of those muscles.

There is nothing to loose but only gains. There are no side effects. Frequent practice will make you a perfect hand massager who has idea of all the pressure points, so the time taken would decrease and benefits are surely bound to increase. Applying the correct pressure on points can make all the organs of our body healthy and regenerate the youthfulness we all crave for. Also Check hand cream reviews

Hand massage is an easy and quick method to relax. The perks are it doesn’t need investing in any kind of heavy machineries or aromatic oil. Any kind of moisturizer or a tad bit of oil, be it coconut or almond will be enough. A peaceful mind ready to take care of our body is the only essentiality here.  It takes just a couple of minutes to relieve tension and get back to work with zeal and zest. Do not forget to stretch your entire body, especially hands in between the hectic job.  Allow the fingers to take charge and give the most soothing experience to your hands.

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