Neutrogena Norwegian Hand Cream Review

Neutrogena Norwegian Hand Cream Review
Neutrogena Norwegian Hand Cream Review

Extreme weather conditions have taken a toll on our bodies especially the most important organ, that is, the skin, resulting in dryness, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, sensitivity etc. Bleeding and inflammation in various parts of body is also a common concern among the masses. Our hands need special care since they are always exposed thus highly vulnerable to all these skin conditions. Here is when hand creams come to our rescue. Variety of hand creams are available in the market which makes it even more difficult to pick one but no worries since here is review which will help you out to choose the best hand cream.

Among all the brands out there Neutrogena has the intense glycerin-rich recipe used by the Norwegian fisherman to soothe their sore hands. It’s a known fact that Norway faces bone chilling cold and fishermen who are always in peril due to their profession which forces them to be in frequent contact with water and ice have to suffer with parched hands, hence they invented a concentrated formula which worked wonders.Later onNeutrogenaadopted the prescription leading way to Neutrogena Norwegian Hand Cream.

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The cream is a glycerin rich, thick formula which promises relief to dry skin. In their words ‘relief for even the most uncomfortably dry and chapped skin’. It also mentions that the cream helps retain moisture in the skin for 24 hours.

Here are some pros of using thehand cream: –

  • Instant Results – Creams available in the market boast of impeccable results within few weeks of regular application but this one offers to make a difference at the very moment it is used and the texture of skin starts improving from day one.
  • Quick Absorption – The cream soaks into your skin rapidly revealing soft, smooth and non-sticky hands. This quality of cream allows you to keep applying it all through the day without the fear of oily palms.
  • Key Ingredients – Glycerin is ahumectant scientifically proven to be a magical wand that can treat almost all the minor skin diseases and since a large part of this hand cream contains glycerin, it will lock in moisture and treat dry and chapped hands.
  • Consistency – The texture is thick but smooth enough to be applied easily. A 2 oz. (56 gm) tube of this hand cream can be used for 200 applications due to thick consistency of product. A tiny dab is enough to keep you moisturized for the entire day.
  • Multiples Uses – Although, the product is a hand cream it is safe to be used at other parts of body. Elbow, knee and feet are the parts which are mostly dry can be treated by applying this hand cream. Rubbing the cream onto your face also proves to be equally beneficial in getting rid of rough and dry skin. Massaging the cream on nails can make them shinier and healthy.
  • Odorless – Productswhich are not scented are considered to be safe since it is scientifically proven that fragrance causes sensitizing and allergic reactions. This hand cream is odorless hence safe to be used for people with sensitive skin.
  • Baby Friendly – The cream can be used for babies too because of its moisture lock and anti-allergicproperties. Chapped skin and diaper rashes are extremely uncomfortable for the tiny totsmaking them cry uncontrollably. These can be treated by using the Neutrogena Norwegian Hand CreamSpecial care should be taken to thoroughly clean and wipe dry the area before applying this cream to babies.
  • Night Cream – Moisturizing your skin at night is an essential part of skin care regime since that allows ample time for the product to soak in and nourish the body. The hand cream can be doubled as a night cream to reap its maximum benefits. Hand eczema can also be cured by regular and proper application of this cream.
  • Cost Effective – The product is highly economical owing to its multiple usages and benefits to skin. A single tube of this hand cream can go on for relatively longer duration.
  • Trusted by Nurses – Nursing is a profession which requires a lot of hand washing which leads to dry and chapped palms. Most of the nurses around the world carry a tube of this hand cream to protect their hands in extreme work conditions.
  • Travel friendly packaging – The product comes in a tube packaging with screw cap which makes it mess free and convenient to carry.
  • Brand Value – Neutrogena is a famous brand which holds its place among the top ten skin care brands internationally. Customers have immense faith in the company and its products. Any product belonging to this venture can be brought blindfolded due to its brand value.

These were some pros of this hand cream which will surely pursue you to give it a try.


Well there are no such cons to be mentioned about the Neutrogena Hand Cream. It would be of great help if you do mention any cons of these cream in the comment below.

Some point to be remembered before using this cream are: –

  • The best hand cream is a thick formula but applying scarce amount ofproduct might not work while rubbing a lot will make you feel greasy hence it is advised to try and find out the right quantity required to cure your skin.
  • Always perform a patch test before indulging in any kind of new product. Take a small quantity and apply in the inner parts of your wrist, wait for some hours and continue using only if there is no irritation or inflammation at that spot.


The Neutrogena Norwegian Hand Cream is a must buy due to all of its qualities. It is a crucial skin care product for anyone suffering from dry, chapped, cracked and bleeding hands. This cream is proven to soothe your skin and prevent inflammation. Chapped hands can be a major source of embarrassment during handshakes. Regular usage of this hand cream can save you from the awkwardness caused during social interactions hence simultaneously will help to build your confidence. It is essential to carry a hand cream in your bag so why not opt for the one which excels in this league.

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Neutrogena Norwegian Hand Cream Review

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