How To Care Your Hands In Winter

Global warming has resulted in extreme weather conditions in all parts of the world. Winters are spine chilling and have an adverse effect on the body especially the skin. The need to take special care of the skin all through the year has arisen since the atmosphere we reside in is totally taking a toll on our body. The first step to be taken is to hydrate the skin and lock in all the moisture. Our hands are the most hardworking organs in the body and they should be pampered enough. Here is a guide to explain why moisturization is important and how we can save our hands from the wrath of the environment.

Need to moisturization

Skin is meant to be hydrated, if not it is termed as unhealthy skin so moisturization is a ritual which should be followed religiously on daily basis just like a bath or brushing teeth. In winters it becomes even more necessary due to the fact that this particular climate is harsh on the entire body because of the cold and even if you decide to stay indoors the heat which is artificially created to provide some relief from the chill will extract all the moisture from your body leaving the skin dry and itchy.

Winters have acute effects on the skin of hands. They tend to be dry and pale but that’s just the beginning. If not taken proper care of from the very beginning the dryness increases and cracks start to appear, soon these turn swelled causing inflammation and lots of discomforts. The skin around nails too starts to peel off during winters causing irritation and soreness. Moisturization is the sole remedy to all your winter problems and here I can guide you about how to do it in the right way.

Tips to hydrate your hands

Wash your hands

The mere thought of coming in contact with water is terrifying during the winters but it should be done for the betterment of hands. Wash your hands using a moisturizing bar whenever necessary and apply a thick hand cream to lock moisture. Take care to massage the cream so that it absorbs deep within the skin rather than just acting as a greasy counterpart of oil.

Use hand creams

Always invest in a good hand cream with thick consistency. The cream should be able to treat minor ailments like inflammation, swelling and soreness. There are formulas which create a barrier on the outer surface of skin and save it from the wrath of climatic adversities. Use it whenever you feel dry skin on hands. carry one in your bag to apply during travel.

Limit hot water baths

It’s obviously an awesome feeling to take an hour-long bath in hot water but stop that from this moment onwards. Hot water strips natural oils from the body and proves as a catalyst to sore and chapped skin. Steam baths are benefiting but limit yourself to only one or twice a week since too much of steam can also make the skin dry and flaky.

Oil Massage

Indulging into a rejuvenating oil massage is a great idea to moisturize the skin. Take some drops of your favourite oil like coconut, almond, olive, jojoba etc and slowly massage into the hands. This process will lend warmth to the body and also hydrate the skin. Try carrying out a massage session for five to ten minutes every day for healthy and glowing skin on hands.

Night cahese mre

Before going to bed wash your hands and apply a hand cream generously. Wear gloves so that the cream penetrates deep within the skin and you get up to soft, supple, younger looking skin. All the beauty regimes which include leaving a product on the skin for an entire night bring out some exceptional results and speed up the healing process of body.

Wear gloves

Protect your hands by wearing good quality woolen gloves before venturing out in the chilling climate. These protect the hands from coming in direct contact of cold winds and save them from losing the natural moisture. Wear rubber gloves while working so as to not come in contact with deterents or other substances which may strip away the natural oils of body.

Eat and drink right

Applying moisturizing cream is not enough for healthy skin, it is also important to eat right. Add plenty of fresh vegetables and lots of fruits in your diet to maintain the water content of body. Drink enough water throughout the day to flush out toxins and maintain the healthy glow on skin.


Dry skin accumulates over a period of time even after using all these measures. Don’t worry it is just a normal process when millions of cells die many others form in our body, but it is essential to remove these dead skin by exfoliating. Gently scrub the skin by using a homemade exfoliate of sugar and oil. Massage your hands with these till the sugar dissolves. Repeat this process twice a day to maintain the healthy glow on hands.

Clean nails

Clean and cut your nails on timely intervals and do not mess with the damaged cuticle. Let it stay there rather apply some oil or cream around nails to soothe the soreness due to inflamed skin.

Try scratching your hands during severe winters and if you see that ugly white lines appearing your skin is dry and needs hydration. This situation in a public area can cause a lot of embarrassment to you. So remember the old saying of “prevention is better than cure’ and take a step forward to healthify your skin by hydrating it. These methods to maintain hydrating skin during winters are not time-consuming at all and can be done while at the comfort of your abode so start your healthy regime of maintaining soft and supple hands even during crazy winters.

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