Hand Skin Peeling : Causes And How To Stop It (July, 2020 update)

The process of removing the flaky skin which appears on fingers and palm causing immense discomfort and pain is called hand peeling. If you want to stop your hands from peeling, there is good news. Although it is not a serious or uncommon condition it is an utter nuisance which causes embarrassment during a public appearance and let’s not mention the agony caused due to the sensitivity of hands. There are a number of all natural hand creams that can assist with hand skin peeling issues.

An intense regime is not needed to prevent hand peeling but before getting into that zone, let’s understand why this happens:-

Causes of Hand peeling

  1. Hand eczemaThese itchy patches on hand could be the result of seasonal changes, allergic reaction or even genetic disorder.
  2. Hand wash – Regular usage of soap to wash hands multiple times a day will strip natural oils and result in skin peeling.
  3. Dry winters – Dry and cold breeze during the winter season also strips body of its quent contact of water and moisture, leading way to chapped skin.
  4. Chemical contact – Household chores like cleaning and laundry require us to be in frequent contact of detergents which might contain the possible irritants causing skin to decorticate.
  5. Fungal infections – Minor cuts in our body can be a breading house to various bacteria and fungus. This may lead to a tiny dry patch which gradually spreads across the hands causing severe itching and inflammation.
  6. Jobs – People working in industries where they come in contact with water and detergents develop hand peeling more than other. Some of these jobs are fishing, cleaning, laundry, health care and mechanics.
  7. Sunburn – Huge red spots formed due to over exposure in sunlight can eventually lead to skin peeling.

Now that you are aware of the reasons which cause hand peeling, saving yourself from this agony of hand peeling will not be a difficult task. Here are some tips to help prevent flaky skin of hands.

Useful Tips to Help Prevent Flaky Skin and Hand Peeling


Providing some moisture to our hands can help a lot with not only hand peeling but also many other minor ailments which might hit our palms.  Coconut, almond, olive, jojoba or any other oil of your choice can be massaged gently into the palms. Our face has this highly popular CTM routine but hands are the ones who deserve a lot of pampering due to the excessive amount of work they perform all thorough the life. Oil massage your hands at night, wear a glove and sleep peacefully. This is the best therapy you can lend to your hands. Petroleum jelly can be used for hands which are excessively dry. Hand creams can be applied numerous times in the day since oils could be sticky and uncomfortable to work with.

Wear gloves while working

Covering hands with gloves while doing chores can help a lot to prevent peeling since frequent contact of water and irritants found in detergent is one of the major causes of hand peeling. Wearing a glove while working could be a bit distressing and may slow you down but the benefits are worth the struggle. Moreover regular usage will make you a pro and the glove will feel like second skin. Detergents contain possible allergens which can irritate your skin paving way to dry, crumbled, and cracked skin. The best technique to save yourself from irritated skin is by minimalising contact with irritants by covering your hands while handling them. Gloves used while doing household chores are widely available in the market at cheap prices.

Wash hands in warm water

Cleansing hands at regular intervals is a healthy habit but doing that continuously while using a harsh soap will strip moisture and give way to flaky skin. To avoid this kind of situation it is advisable to wash hands with warm water, neither hot nor cold, since warm water helps to retain moisture in the hands and doesn’t strip it off. Avoid soap and use it only when necessary. Cleansing hands only with warm water can remove impurities and if using a soap is unavoidable, buy moisture rich bars for such situations.  This is great along with Organic Hand Creams.

If you are already suffering from this skin condition, don’t worry since here are some home remedies to help you deal with this problem:

  1. Warm water and oil massage – Wash your hands thoroughly in warm water and pat dry. Do not scrub as this will irritate your skin more. Apply olive oil generously onto your palms and let the skin soak it all night by tying a bandage around. This treatment will remove flaky skin and moisturize your hands deeply. Continue it until the peeling discontinues revealing the baby soft skin beneath it.
  2. Fruit Masks – Fruits like banana and cucumber are extremely moisturizing and you might be well aware of this fact since fruits are used to moisturize and brighten the facial skin. Apply cucumber juice or mashed bananas onto your palm and let it stay for half an hour. Wash thoroughly with warm water and pat dry.
  3. Apple Cider Vinegar – Peeling due to fungal infection can be treated by applying a dab of apple cider vinegar at the affected area. This works due to the acidic properties of vinegar which will wash away any kind of fungi hence reducing the intensity of the infection.

Hand peeling is not a major disease but sometimes it might be a warning which our body gives revealing insights of something which is more serious. It is advisable to visit a doctor if hand peeling doesn’t stop in two weeks. Medications recommended by the doctor can help you get rid of dry hands within a matter of few days and if the treatment doesn’t show any positive results, tests prescribed by the doctor should be conducted.

The best way to eradicate these minor diseases is to set our lives in routine where the utmost priority is health rather than money. Proper cleaning of hands and regular application of a nourishing hand cream is important. Taking care of our hands during extreme weather by wearing gloves while venturing out or during stuff which needs you to be in contact with water and abrasions can to some extent help prevent hand peeling.

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