Hand Care Tips: Ways To Have Beautiful And Soft Hands

Before we start, it is important for all of us to know that – younger looking skin is earned and not a virtue. There are many amongst us who suffer from dry and itchy skin on our hands and it could be quite annoying. At the same time, it is also a fact that our hands are exposed to some of the most brutal tortures and hereby it is important that we take good care of them and nourish them to look beautiful and younger.

The main reason why the hands look dull and untidy, is because the skin of our hands dries up and there might be many a reason for skin dryness – climate that is cold and dry, frequent washing of the hands, using inappropriate product/s that takes away the skin moisture, aging, drinking too less water or maybe some sort of malfunctioning of the skin cells.

As the hand skin ages, it causes dry and flaky dermis. It is because the hyaluronic acid, that supplies moisture to the collagen is broken down by the harmful enzymes present in our system. However, alleviating dry skin conditions are not easy but regular care and precautions can prevent it from happening and keep your hands looking younger and softer.

Let’s look at some effective ways to keep our hands foster and looking beautiful for always:

  1. Commit to using an active lotion

Most skin lotions help for a moment but show no sustained improvements. Always pick up active and natural lotions for your skin as these are not only safe, they are less aggressive on the skin and has no harmful chemical that can do more damage than good.

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Be wary of ingredients like paraben and mineral oils in any cream or lotion that you apply on your hands. Paraben has been found to trigger impotency and breast cancer while mineral oils block skin pores.

Products with active ingredients absorb better in the skin and leave no trace on the surface making it look softer. Natural products are made of natural ingredients, herbs and plant oil that are also safe to eat or drink. It works without any fear of side effects and maintains a natural glow along with making the skin softer and younger.

  1. Exfoliate Your Hands

It simply is required to remove the dead skin cells from the surface of the skin that makes it feel rough. The best results can be obtained by using an exfoliating hand cream or lotion before and after the moisturizing process for softer and supple skin.

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The other way to exfoliate is by dry brushing, wherein you us a special brush and do it. Along with removing the dead skins it also helps to remove dirt and germs from the surface of the skin and also improves blood circulation.

  1. Apply sunscreen before going out

It applies for your hands too, as on your face. Sun damage is one of the main reason for premature aging along with dark spots and wrinkles. Opt for a sunscreen product that has SPF 50 or more and does reapply often.

  1. While cleaning or gardening make sure that you use gloves

One of the best ways to keep the hands soft and moisturized is by protecting them from dirt and harsh chemical cleaning agents. Make sure that you use gloves while cleaning utensils or clothes or gardening. If you are allergic to latex, need not worry as you get gloves made of various other things like vinyl or neuron and other materials.

  1. Use a mix of oatmeal and coconut oil

Mix half a teaspoon of dried oatmeal with half a teaspoon of coconut oil and apply the mixture on your hands. Leave the application of about 15 minutes and then rinse it in running tap water. Do it once daily add get a softer and younger looking hands. You also get oatmeal lotions that you can also apply instead.

  1. Apply whisked egg yolks

Egg yolks are rich in lecithin, an excellent skin conditioning,and natural agent. Wisk the egg yolks and apply the same on your hand and leave it on the skin for about half an hour. Later wash it off using a mild soap and pat dry. Follow the process at least for 3 to 4 times a week.

  1. Overnight treatment

It is an extremely helpful remedy for extremely dry hands. Generously apply some cold pressed oil on the hands like coconut oil or olive oil or mashed avocado or even some natural hand lotion. You can cover the hands with cotton gloves and leave it overnight while you sleep. The next morning you will be amazed to see your hands soft and smooth.

  1. Get good sleep

An improper night sleep can cause your skin to feel bumpy and look rough. Lack of sleep does not allowthe proper release of hormones much needed for our skin. Also, good night sleep is essential for the renewal or damages skin tissues. In order to get a baby’s skin a good and proper night sleep is quite crucial.

  1. Eat plenty of foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin A, C,and E

Omega-3 fatty acids have a remarkable impact on the production of growth hormones that slow down the aging process. Vitamin A is necessary for the repair of damaged skin tissues, vitamin C wards of germs and bacteria that causes dermis rashes and vitamin E is much needed for a soft skin texture. Above all, all of these are rich in antioxidants.

  1. Quit smoking and avoid alcohol

Cigarettes break down collagen and existing vitamin E in our skin. Regular and habitual smoking make the skin of the hands lose its resilience, natural softness and its ability to regenerate collagen. Smokers generally develop premature wrinkles of the skin making it look dry and aged. Alcohol,however, has antioxidants but precautions must be administered to consume in moderation.

Our hands are the first body part that shows our age. Having a thin layer of skin and continuously being exposed to external factors become extremely dry and rough. Many things including our personal life can get affected because of the same. So, now need not to worry and take the above measures to have a soft and beautiful looking hands.

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