How To Get Rid Of Age Spots On Hands

Ageing is a harsh reality which comes with fine lines, wrinkles, grey hair, dark spots etc. There are loads of other skin and body issues too such as lethargy, illness, tiredness and many more but people are more concerned about the problems which show on their skin. One such issue is age spots also called liver spots or solar lentigo.

Age spots are brown, grey or black in colour and can be seen on parts of our body which are exposed to the sun like hands, face, neck and feet. These are formed due to excess production of melanin. Several other reasons are also termed to be the factors for the occurrence of age spots such as sun exposure, skin ageing, UV lights exposure. The predominant reason for age spots is not ageing but the exposure to sun hence it is mostly found in people who are bared to sunlight for a longer duration of time. People older than 40 years or with fair skin are more prone to sunspots also the ones who have used a tanning bed frequently may fall prey to these spots.

The silver lining to this skin problem is that it is majorly harmless and causes no pain. Moreover, it usually subsides within some years. The appearance of these may cause some stress but modern science and technology have advanced a lot and there are treatments to make these vanish without bearing any side effects.

Ways To Treat Liver Spots On Hands

Our hands are more prone to age spots since the face is usually covered with a cloth or hat but hands face all the wrath of the sun. So here are some ways to treat liver spots on hands:-

Seek Medical Help

Before opting for any kind of therapy do visit a dermatologist and get yourself diagnosed if the spots are actually caused due to ageing or an indication to some other skin disease. There are several ointments and creams a doctor can prescribe to reduce the visual effect of these. Although, the creams may not remove them completely but the colour will definitely fade with regular use. Usually, the creams have to be used for several months to find some kind of visible results. Doctors most often prescribe a bleaching cream named hydroquinone or retinoids like tretinoin.

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Laser Treatment

Advancement of science has brought many revolutionary changes in the field of beauty treatments and laser therapy is one of them. Light waves are passed through the skin to break excess melanin and clear the area. This treatment can remove the spots instantly and save you from the tedious process of applying a cream regularly. Some oil is applied to the spot before passing the waves. Since this treatment gives instant results you also have to pay a hefty price. This surely does burn a hole in the pocket.

Chemical Peels

Peeling is a well-versed word in the field of skin care. Various peels are available in the market and we have all used them at one time or the other. Chemical peeling is a bit more intense step when a chemical solution is applied to the skin which makes it eventually peel off. Lots of other minor issues like wrinkles, acne scars etc will also be removed through this technique. A younger looking skin will be exposed after this procedure. There are some precautions to be taken as the new skin will be fragile. Exposure to the sun should be totally avoided and there would be some medications which have to be taken.


Liquid nitrogen has a temperature of -346 to -320 degree Fahrenheit and it is used to destroy the cells of a particular area. This removes the age spots but can also affect the nearby cells.

Dermabrasion or Microdermabrasion

Beauty tool with a round head spinning to exfoliate the skin is easily available in the skincare market but this is an intense kind of exfoliation done with the help of a rotating machine which sands down the outer layer of skin making the appearance of age spots pale. This treatment has to be done more than once to entirely remove the spot and there might be a temporary red colour visible on the skin. Avoid exposure to the sun since the new skin is less immune and may get harmed soon if exposed to sunlight.

These therapies are intense and the new skin which appears is feeble. It is advised to stay indoors for several months after doing these treatments; also the results might not be visible in just one sitting. Doctors ask the patient to visit them after a week or month to perform the surgery again. Slowly by having the medication and treatment done the spots do fade away. All these surgeries do require some amount of money and time to be invested in the process.

There are claims of having removed sunspots with lemon and other such bleaching agents too at home but these are yet to be proved. In the present scenario, liver spots can only be treated by visiting a dermatologist but the appearance of these can be delayed to some extent by taking care of our skin. Here are some tips to save yourself from age spots for an extended period of time.

  • Apply sunscreen lotion daily which is at least SPF 30 or more.
  • Avoid the sun during the peak hours i.e. 10:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.
  • Wear clothes which cover most parts of the body.
  • Clothes with UV block are also available in the market. If possible buy and use them.
  • Carry an umbrella or hat to protect yourself from the sun.

Teenagers tend to be careless about their bodies and by the time they realize, there are an abundant amount of problems which have already aroused and need some abrasive chemical treatments to cure it. Our body needs care right from the beginning otherwise it tends to age sooner. Pamper your body since it is the only thing that stays with you till last.

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