Eczema on Hand: Cause, Care and Cure

Eczema is a common skin condition that many of us suffer from, and can occur at any part of the body. On the hands, it could be very crippling and impinge on our daily lives. Apart from being something that you are always uncomfortable with, it could be quite frustrating and embarrassing too. One of the main cause of eczema appearing on our hands more is because of the constant contact with allergens like detergents, chemical beauty products, dust and dirt and alike.

Eczema of the hand is also called as Hand Dermatitis. Often an infection that starts with mild itching and rashes can develop into pain with a simple touch. People who are involved with the cleaning business or mechanical job or catering business or even the healthcare industry are the most affected with it. In order to fight the menace and manage it well, we need to understand eczema in details.

What is Eczema?

The word itself has a more generic meaning – a family or a group of skin conditions that makes the skin swollen, itchy and irritated. Numerous skin conditions are considered as a type of eczema, as it covers a wide range of skin conditions – mild to easily treatable ones to the most stubborn and difficult ones.

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Out of the many, the most common and the easiest one to detect in the one that causes skin irritation by any sort of allergic reaction. A patch test is done to determine what a person is allergic to Plants / Detergents / Chemicals / Metals or something alike. However, the exact reason for its allergic reason is still unknown but in general, it is the heavy metal or a toxic substance.

It is also believed that the most common cause or eczema is genetics. It simply means that at some point or other one or both of your parents had eczema and you are likely to get it too. Environmental conditions, hormonal imbalances, and even food are also attributed to the cause of eczema. We will discuss the causes in details later in here.

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What are the symptoms of Eczema?

However, the conditions of eczema are most common in children and the ones at their younger age, adults have also been found to have the condition as well. Out of many, the symptoms that are most prevalent are rashes, irritation, itching, and burning sensation.

Apart from these, there are some minor symptoms that one might also experience are small rashes and tiny bumps that appear as ringworms.

What causes Eczema?

Eczema on hand can be attributed to three main causes.

  1. The first one is constant exposure of the hands to chemicals that act as irritants, for e.g. some oil, soap or cement. Usually, it affects the back of the hands. A person constantly getting exposed to these or one irritant, the chances of the upper skin getting exposed is more, causing the infection. At times the reaction gets so severe that the person might have to shift job.
  2. The second reason for getting eczema is due to allergic food reactions. There are certain foods that are not suitable for many, like eggs, glutens, milk and citrus fruits. Some or many of the substances in such foods are not suitable for some and may cause severe infections leading to eczema.
  3. The third reason for eczema has been attributed to hereditary effects. The cells carry genes from the parents that make a person vulnerable to the infection. A person who has a hereditary tendency gets affected by the infection. This mainly happens in young children. Proper precautions are the best way to deal with such kind.

How to control Eczema from flaring up?

You know by now that eczema could not only be very discomforting but also embarrassing if you have it on your hands. It is thereby very important that you take precautions before it flares up, as sooner or later it will get exposed and that can look very disfiguring. This simply means that you should all possible step to not allow it to flare up and this is here how:

  • Keep away from the sun as much as possible. Many have the habit of staying out in the sun, especially during the winter months, but if you have eczema, it is a strict no. The rays of the sun will not only harm your skin but can make your eczema conditions worse.
  • Moisturize the skin as much as possible. When you have eczema on the hands, in particular, it is quite possible that the hands get dry more than normal. Apply a sensitive moisturizer at least twice a day on the hands to keep them moist and comfortable.
  • Never itch your hands. Endurance is bliss in case of eczema. However, itchy it may be, you need to endure it. Itching can lead to worsening the conditions, followed by bleeding from the hands. As a thumb rule, sit on your hands, if you do not want to itch your hands.

What are the remedies for Eczema?

As per experts, the best way remedy for eczema is to keep the skin hydrated and the best mean to keep hydrated always is to drink plenty and plenty of water. Water has numerous benefit and keeping the skin soft and hydrated, water is the best solution. The skin will never become dry and flaky.

Another great way is the use of honey. Honey is natural, just apply in the infected area and rinse it off in a few minutes with cold water. Keep the skin moisturized at all times, and it will prevent the skin from getting itchy and dry.

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There are many other ways to keep eczema at bay. Make sure that you see a dermatologist in case you see symptoms and follow the above mentioned simple guidelines and help it disappear from the hands. However, saying so, having eczema does not require to see a doctor and take prescribed drugs, following some simple precautions and over the counter, remedies can solve all of it.

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