Best Natural and Organic Self Tanning Lotions of 2020

When you step outside it is important to look your best.  Being able to avoid the damage from the sun while still having that healthy glow is never easy!  Every year that goes by means it is more and more important to use self tanning lotions and avoid that sun damage that catches up with you.   If you go to the beach, you want to look your best but don’t want to expose yourself to sun damage.

The best natural and organic self tanning lotions will allow you to achieve that fun in the sun look that you are looking for without damaging your skin!  If you have fair skin, or skin that irritates easily, a self tanning lotion with organic ingredients is the key to being happy on the inside and the outside! 

Do you want to learn more about the best indoor self tanning lotions?  

Things to consider when selecting natural and organic self tanning lotion

As you narrow down your product choices for your organic self tanning lotions, you should consider a number of things that can help narrow down your product choices.  These include: Before you purchase your indoor tanning lotion for legs, you should consider the following things. They will help you narrow down your product choices.


If you are getting a quality tanning lotion, it is likely to have moisturizer. This is important because while tanning outdoors will dry out your skin, indoor tanning combined with aloe or alternative moisturizers can stave off the dryness that you would otherwise encounter from being outdoors.  

Organic moisturizing ingredients to look out for include aloe, cocoa butter, marigold extract, rose-hip oil, pomegranate extract, green tea, shea butter, other types of plant or fruit butters, and coconut or hemp oil. All of these will have a slightly different feel on your skin, but provide a rejuvenative experience!

Type of lotion

We will discuss the different types of indoor tanning lotion for legs below. However, this is one of the most important decisions you will have to make when looking for your next tanning bed lotion.

Indoor tanning lotion without bronzer will not give you any color other than what you get from the tanning bed. On the other hand, indoor tanning lotion with bronzer will help you tan and give you an instant glow. Indoor tanning lotion with tingle and bronzer will give you an instant glow and get your skin ready for the darkest tan possible. Of these three options, the one that you choose will really rely on your own preferences and skin type.  Not only should you experience natural hand cream – you should complement it with the best in natural and organic self tanning lotions!

Hypoallergenic/Fragrance Free

Hypoallergenic indoor tanning lotions are extremely important for people with sensitive skin. Hypoallergenic just means that there are no known allergens in the indoor tanning lotion for sensitive skin, which decreases the likelihood of you having a bad reaction to the product.

Most indoor tanning lotions have some kind of a fragrance, but perfumes can irritate skin. So, if you have a sensitive nose or skin that irritates easily, you should look for a fragrance-free indoor tanning lotion. If you choose a tanning bed lotion just make sure that you like the fragrance before you purchase the product.

Organic Ingredients

Not all self tanning lotions come with organic ingredients.  If you choose the cheapest self tanning options, you may be trading off safety for cost; and in the long run be left missing out on the healthy skin you deserve.  

The best organic self tanning lotions will have not only natural and organic ingredients, they will be lacking chemicals that would otherwise damage your skin.  Nobody wants to get old, but as we get older we need to make sure that our skin stays a ourIndoor tanning lotion with SPF will impede you tan. You will not get as dark as quickly. However, it will protect your skin from the tanning process, which decreases your likelihood of skin cancer. So, the choice between SPF or no SPF is definitely a trade-off.


The size and quantity of the organic self tanning you choose is important as well – you want to get terrific value for your money.  But with that said, just because you go bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better! 

When deciding on the size of your self tanning lotion for cellulite, you will want to know how much you plan on using the product and what you want out of it. For example – how often do you choose to apply and in what quantity?  If you don’t plan on tanning that often, a smaller product may be better because most indoor tanning lotions expire within a year. You should plan out how often you expect to apply, and purchase an amount that you will use within an year.  

Lastly, should you find the best product to suit your needs, even if it isn’t that big, you may want to buy that product.  It is better to purchase an organic self tanning lotion that is best for you; so look for all the ingredients and features you need, and choose accordingly!


Eco Tan Invisible TanEco Tan Organic Self Tanning  

Eco Tan’s Invisible Tan provides luxury, sunless tanning lotion for the face and body.  Eco Tan’s product is made from only certified organic and natural ingredients. This express sunless tanning lotion lotion is also vegan and cruelty free! 

Using Invisible Tan’s Award winning express sunless tanning lotion is incredibly easy to apply! Just like you would with a moisturizer, rub Invisible Tan® onto clean, dry skin. Our unique ‘invisible’ formula develops best over 8 hours. Avoid the sun’s harmful rays and use our Invisible Tan® instead – we believe it delivers the best colour! And as a cream, it is also incredibly nourishing for your skin.  It’s no wonder it is a cult favourite amongst our eco friendly fans!  

Eco Tan is easy to apply – simply apply after an evening shower, wait a few minutes and allow it to dry before getting into bed. The next morning you will have a stunning rich golden tan!

Eco Tan’s Invisible Tan – CHECK PRICE


Beauty By Earth Self Tanner

Beauty by Earth Self Tanner is not only Organic, it is also certified Vegan and Certified Cruelty Free!  This self tanner will transform the to an ideal level of bronze one layer at a time and in the meantime will cover up blemishes, veins, or imperfections; all without any of those nasty streaks, blotches, or dark spots.

Beauty by Earth uses only simple, natural ingredients for their self tanner products. These ingredients include organic shea butter, organic coconut oil, and Japanese green tea leaf extract.

Not just for young women, Beaty by Earth Self Tanning Lotion is a terrific choice for men and women of all ages – even teens can apply and look like they have returned from a holiday in the Mediterranean!

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Skinerals Californium Self Tanner

Skinerals chooses natural ingredients over artificial chemicals. This solution provides safe and effective solutions for beauty and wellness while avoiding dangerous toxins found in many skin care products today. 

Once you’ve applied the mousse to your skin, you will notice a subtle brown tint. This will allow you to see exactly where you’ve applied it, so it’s easier to ensure an even coat. Better yet, Skinerals organic tanning lotion can be used on your face and entire body.

Examples of the many safe organic ingredients in Skinerals Self Tanner include Aloe Barbadensis , DHA, Erythrulose, Indian Gooseberry, Acai Berry, Glycerin, Fig Extract, Goji Berry Extract, Vitamins A,C,E, and Green and White Tea.  

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Golden Star Beauty Self Tanner

Featuring a 100% streak free solution; Golden Star Beauty is one of the Best Organic Self Tanning lotions.  It is non-sticky; and does not turn your skin orange. Equally important, it is transfer resistant which means no messy stains for your clothing!   

Golden Star’s Organic Self Tanning Lotion is easy to apply.  Simply exfoliate your skin using an exfoliating mitt or body scrub; then apply evenly over your legs, arms and torso!  

 Self Tanning products from Golden Star Beauty feature safe organic ingredients including Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera, Avocado Oil, and Hyaluronic Acid.  

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