Ahava Mineral Hand Cream Review

Ahava Mineral Hand Cream Review
Ahava Mineral Hand Cream Review

Wide varieties of hand cream available in the market can make it a bit overwhelming and difficult to choose one out of the lot. Many of them are just gimmicks of the high-end versions but at the cheaper quality. Pricey hand creams also seldom give the desired results so it becomes essential to conduct a bit of research since some amount of money goes into buying the product but if it doesn’t do any good then the money goes futile, so here is a review of one such high end hand cream which will help you decide whether or not to spend your money on this product.

Ahava Mineral Hand Cream Review

Ahava hand cream comes from the house of Ahava which is famous for producing products using the Dead Sea minerals. This detailed scrutiny of Ahava hand cream with all its pros and cons is here for you to determine whether to purchase it or not.

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The list of constituents which are incorporated in this hand cream is posh and rare to find in any kind of cosmetic or skin care brand. Some of them and their qualities are below

Dead Sea:- The ingredient list includes mineral extracts from the Dead Sea which is believed to deep cleanse, improve circulation and repair cells. Hand creams with such qualities are rare to find a deep cleanse is a rejuvenating process which removes all the impurities and clears pigmentation.

Witch Hazel:- It is a flowering plant which has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities hence it protects the cracked hands from any kind of potential bacterial infection.

Minerals:- 21 minerals including magnesium, calcium and potassium replenish and rejuvenate skin.

Aloe Vera:- Aloe Vera is a boon to mankind with enormous qualities present in it. It soothes and provides natural moisture to the skin without making it look greasy.

Glycerin:- Glycerin locks moisture into the skin and gives a natural glow to hands.

Allantoin:- It clears away blemishes and reveals clean and clear skin without any dryness or cracks.

No Parabens

Parabens, though not scientifically proven are believed to cause some serious harm to our body. Continuous use of products with parabens is said to develop the deadly cancerous cells but even the luxurious products do contain parabens these days. Ahava mineral hand cream doesn’t include any paraben, hence is safe to use.


The cream is gentle enough to be used a few times a day. It is an apt product for people with sensitive skin due to its anti-allergen properties. There will be no issues of breakouts or tanned skin because of the application of this hand cream.

Thick consistency

Ahava mineral hand cream is of a thick consistency hence only a few drops of the formula is needed for an application. This property of the cream makes it a long-lasting product.


Glycerin, Dead Sea water and witch hazel are all hydrating ingredients and this cream has them all. The application of Ahava Mineral hand cream lock moisture into the skin and hydrates it all day long. It also helps to heal cracked hands and soothes inflammation.

Soaks easily

The thick consistency of this hand cream is no hindrance to its absorbency. As soon as the cream is applied it penetrates deep inside the skin leaving no residue making skin soft and supple without making them greasy. This property of Ahava Mineral Hand Cream is to vouch for since our hands come in frequent contact with other people and them being sticky is a strict no during formal or casual meetings.


Musky and airy scent due to the presence of sandalwood is welcoming and beautiful to smell all day.


Ahava is a famous brand in the field of cosmetics and skin care founded in 1988 and flourishing from then. The unique blend of minerals from the Dead Sea is the key constituents of this brands product which are highly beneficial for skin and body.


The cream comes in a standard tube packaging with a screw cap so it’s easy to carry without worrying about spillage.

Treats Cuticles

Extreme dry winters are enemies to our sin but the cuticles are affected the most.

Night cream

The Ahava Mineral Hand Cream can be doubled as a night treatment to sore hands by applying a generous quantity and covering it with a bandage to leave all night. The nighttime application actually works great since it stays for a longer duration and has an ample amount of time to work.


Most of the products available in the marketplace are first tested on animals but this cream is not so it is 100% vegan and can be used without guilt.


The Ahava Mineral Hand Cream is a pricier option due to the rareness of its ingredients. It is a high-end cream but the results are t superficial.

The notable thing about this hand cream is that the only con is that it is pricey and that is the only thing anyone who has used the cream has to say. It is the cream with full star reviews by people who have used it for a long time. This is a great option to gift a friend or family member suffering from sore and cracked hands and they will thank you forever. Rare ingredients and minerals from the Dead Sea are the ones which make this cream luxurious but the results are worth every penny spent. The results of this cream start appearing within a few uses only and they are long-lasting too. The cream not only treats and beautifies your outer skin but also penetrates deep in the dermis and removes pigmentation too.  Ahava Dead Sea Mineral Hand Cream is definitely a must-have product in your skincare trousseau due to its unique properties.

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